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Columbia, South Carolina

Sparkleberry Country Fair Committee Volunteers

The success of the Sparkleberry Country Fair is due in large part to the volunteers from our community who give of their time and talents each year.  Below you will find the listing of this year's fair committee volunteers along with their position and contact information.

Advertising, Media, Nonprofits

Antique Cars/Classic Cars

William Self

[email protected]

Cell Phone: 803-600-8001

Arts and Crafts/Food Vendors

Bill  McCracken

[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-960-5210

Home Phone:  803-788-3952

Fran Smith, Assistant
[email protected]

Boy Scouts of America Troop 900
Laura Byun
[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-354-2909
Home Phone:  803-736-7373

Chamber of Commerce Representative & Sponsor Chairman

Entertainment and Stages

Gwen Smythe
[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-309-3339

Home Phone:  803-788-8010


Kevin Fernald

[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-315-4372

Office Phone:  803-733-2005


Bob Tunell

[email protected]
Home Phone:  803-788-7940

Grounds, Logistics, and Event Planning

L.W. Smith
[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-730-6769

Clifford Eisenhower, Assistant

[email protected]


Media, The Elgin News
Fred Davidson

[email protected]

Cell Phone: 803-466-4604

Media, Sparkleberry Country Fair Newspaper
Suzanne Enz
[email protected]

Public Relations

Jean Beily
[email protected]


Pat Canary
[email protected]
Home Phone:  803-736-0132

Richland School Dist. Two Volunteer Coordinator

Shelley Kriegshaber
[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-361-3460
Office Phone:  803-738-3226

Sandhill REC/Red Barn Animals

Howard van Dijk

[email protected]
[email protected]

Cell Phone:  803-606-0137

Sandhill REC Representative, Parking

Deborah Koon

[email protected]
Cell Phone:  803-414-8844

Office Phone:  803-726-7809

Sparkleberry Country Fair Tractor and Engine Show

Paul Towns

[email protected]

Home Phone: 803-408-0131

Train Exhibit

Phil Watson

[email protected]

Home Phone: 803-799-4144

Traffic Control - Columbia (CL-56) Palmetto Division Sea Cadets

LT Tammy  Rivera, NSCC, Commanding Officer

Cell Phone:  803-413-4371
Home Phone:  803-419-7314